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Noxious Weeds

There is no one best way to get rid of noxious weeds. Weeds, like all plants, vary in how they reproduce, have varying root structures (extensive root systems or a single taproot), and how they respond to herbicides.

May contain: plant, flower, blossom, and thistle

The HOC is conducting weed control along the roads, right-of-way, and open spaces in Aldasoro Ranch and has completed several application sprays this summer.

Pursuant to the Covenants, each property owner is responsible for removing noxious weeds on personal property.

HOC will continue to reach out and notify property owners to remove dead, dying, diseased, or insect-infested landscape materials, including all noxious weeds, as soon as possible, or within thirty (30) days of a written request notice. 

Click the following link for more information pertaining to the administration and enforcement of the Colorado Noxious Weed Act.

CO State Noxious Weed Program

 Steps To Eradicate Thistle

Thistle is a perennial plant which means that it comes back every year. Plus, it has a robust root system that can penetrate deep into soil and aggressively spread and propagate. Owners can help eradicate thistles on personal properties by following these simple guidelines:

  1. Cut thistles just below the flower head and place in plastic bag for disposal
  2. Cut the stalk to the ground
  3. Spray the thistle at ground level with a weedkiller herbicide
  4. You can use 4, 2 - D, a post-emergent liquid concentrated herbicide that controls various broadleaf weeds and other noxious plants (can be purchased through Amazon). Please always follow safety labels on product.

The HOC will continue noxious weed mitigation throughout the Ranch and will budget continued weed mitigation in 2024.