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Design Review Board

The Design Review Board (DRB) is responsible for the administration and enforcement of all covenants and restrictions set forth in the Design Review Regulations, acting through the Aldasoro Ranch Board of Directors (BOD). The members of the DRB are appointed by the BOD.

General Declarations Excerpt:  8.3.1. Establishment of Design Review Board

The DRB is hereby established and shall consist of five regular members, each of whom shall be appointed by the BOD. At the time of his/her appointment to the DRB, a member of the DRB shall have an ownership interest in a Lot in the Aldasoro Ranch. The term of each member of the DRB shall be limited to uninterrupted Board membership of two three-year terms, with the following exceptions: (a) an initial appointment as a member of the DRB to serve the remainder of an unexpired term shall not count toward the two consecutive term limit. The terms of the member of the DRB shall be staggered. Any member of the DRB may be removed only by the BOD, which shall occur upon the delivery of written notice to the appointee; no cause is required to be stated for the removal. A successor or successors appointed to fill any vacancy created for any reason shall serve the remainder of the term of the former member. A member of the DRB or an immediate family member shall not simultaneously be a member of the BOD. 

Design Review Board

Seat 1 - Dick Oursler, term ends 3/26

Seat 2 - Jake McTigue-Chairman, term ends 3/26

Seat 3 - Natasha Kennedy, term ends 3/27

Seat 4 - Hilary Taylor, term ends 3/25

Seat 5 - Adam DeAlva, term ends 3/27